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Today’s post is titled, “Killing by the Little Cuts”
(February 7th, 2017)



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  1. Best author EVER!! I discovered this fantastic writer about two summers ago, and I have read almost everything he’s written, excluding the children’s books. I highly recommend him and his writing for spiritual encouragement and uplifting. He is a wonderful example of a follower of Christ. I have been encouraged, enlightened, and entertained by his marvelous writings. None can compare to him, in my opinion. I wholeheartedly endorse this man of God and his writings. He’s the real thing – no pretentiousness on his part – so humble and genuine. He will not disappoint!

  2. I often tell people about the person I’ve seen on the Edmund Chapel stage twice at Wheaton College; of how I deeply appreciate his transparent presentations, and how I love the way that he has put “flesh” on St. Paul (from the novel). It is good to know that Walter survives still and continues to create beautiful things, full of heart and vision. Walter, may you stay with us as long as He allows and keep on sharing what the Lord provides us through your unique perspective!

  3. Respected Prof.,
    I read your book “The Book of God”, It’s one of the best book I have ever read on Bible.
    Dr. Amit Agarwal

  4. Walter: I thank our LORD and Savior for his gift to us of you and your spirit inspired writings. My wife (Karen) and I have read both Paul and the book of GOD and enjoyed and been moved by the Spirit by both. We just watched your DVD tonight and were very touched and moved by it. Thank you for taking the time and creating it. I am thankful beyond words to know that I will meet you and be able to hug you as a brother in CHRIST in the new Heaven and Earth. Our LORD is so wise and loving there are no words to describe this May our LORD bless you and keep you and his will be done in you. Michael

  5. I encountered this extraordinary presenter if HIS Word 10-15 years ago with Book of God and the PAUL and JESUS novels and have most of his writings – love each and every one! Compelling and Heart-provoking! Have re-re-re-used his Relieving the Passion multiple Easter Seasons as study during Lent; and his Preparing for Jesus for Christmas/Epiphany studies/Sunday School, as well. AND, his Cancer book was impactfull to me, but more so for two survivors – one who lost her life to recurrence last year! As for ‘kids’ books, nieces and pastor’s kids have enjoyed my sharing each, as well. Thank you and BLESS you, Walter Wangerin – as a ‘neighbor’ in Lakes of Four Seasons, you bring Pride and Peace to this fellow Hoosier!!

  6. Hello, Mr. Wangerin.
    I am very happy to find you here in the web. I have been wondering about your health since 2011. That year I translated your book, Letters from the Land of Cancer, from English into Korean. At that time i was the cancer patient like you, The stage was the third like you. And i had the cancer in my breast.
    This January the doctor told me I recovered from the cancer completely. You see, your book, especially the last page of the river of the life helped me a lot, I would had imagined the landscape and dived into the river and felt very comfortable under the water. Surely that imagination cured some part of my body and soul. Sometimes I did mention it to the other patients.
    I have always wanted to say thank you.

  7. Hey Walt,

    Thank-you for all of your stories — I have been greatly encouraged. I have recently be re-listening to your Lutheran Vespers CDs that I bought a long time ago. My wife and I have enjoyed driving and listening — it’s like having you with us! My wife and I are graduates of Valpo but unfortunately long before you showed up! You and Eugene Peterson are two of my mentors in my faith walk (faith stumble). May God continue to bless your ministry! David Meade

  8. Walter Wangerin,

    I first encountered your writing in The Lutheran magazine in the ’90s and have so appreciated what the Holy Spirit has developed with your mind and heart. Going through our file cabinet this afternoon, I came upon a manila folder titled “Stuff to Keep.” Inside were two of your articles from 1990 and 1991: You are the poet, I am the poem and Red, red, the blood-red kiss. Here it is, a quarter of a century later, and once again I find such treasure in each piece of insight. Our senior pastor is leaving after 14 years and I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate gift. A Panera’s card just won’t do it:-) During his years, he has been a passionate advocate of taking Christ into the community and we have forged a relationship with a wonderful black church that shares his passion. He will love the final line in Red, red, the blood-red kiss concerning the spontaneous affection between the bountiful black woman and the gaunt, bald elderly white man. Every pastor helps to shape us, just as your teacher,Miss Augustine, shaped the grieving 7-year-old Walter Wangerin, Jr. Hopefully, our pastor will appreciate your reminder from You are the poet…, “Oh, teachers, {pastors}, how long your influence lasts…” I will continue sharing these articles as the Spirit leads. Their themes not only are God-honoring but are timeless and uplifiting. May God continue to use your mind and heart to bring understanding and perspective to our walk of faith.

  9. Walter:
    Shalom to you and yours. Just finished 10 years working on four short stories (historical fiction) wrapped around the tragic tractor death of my 37 year old brother on our family farm in Iowa. Thought of contacting you this am for publishing advice. Putting that aside, your blog blessed me so much, words of strength in the cross of cancer. May Matt. 11:28-30 & Romans 8:31-39 encourage us all. You may or may not remember me from late at nights at the Senior College in Fort Wayne…you writing while working as the night telephone operator…I doing student body finance books. At 73 I have found joy in writing and celebrate the gift you have shared with your fellow pilgrims! Peace and Joy in Jesus!

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